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Task 6

Roadmaps for trainings & best practice sharing events

Task 6 focusses on the dissemination of the Wind Harmony project results in form of training plans and roadmaps as well as 3 best practice sharing events.

To this end, the consortium will develop 2 training roadmaps and plans, being online tutorials, outlining on the harmonisation of health and safety regulations and standards and the most promising fields of actions. In this context, one roadmap shall address public bodies and organisation, while the other targets the private sector and its market stakeholders. The roadmaps will be made available in the publication section of this website in July 2020.

In addition to the online trainings, the consortium will also organise 3 best practice sharing events, being one-day conferences in 3 EU-MS, during which the lessons-learned of the project and recommended health and safety measures and approaches will be presented and discussed. Also, the events shall highlight the proposed field of actions for harmonisation and alignment and explain their benefits for market stakeholders and the Member States. The 3 best practice sharing events will be held in July/August 2020. The location of each event will be made available on the project website in due time.