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Task 4

Methodologies for qualification, assessment and prioritization of potential harmonization or alignment at European level

In Task 4, we are developing the methodologies that shall be applied to the outputs of the legal and standards mapping and stakeholder engagement tasks (Tasks 1-3). The consortium anticipates that these tasks will generate a considerable number of potential ‘candidate topics’ where harmonisation or further alignment could be considered, covering a wide and diverse range of health and safety issues – from the regulation of health and safety in the wind industry, to training for wind farm technicians and the control of safety hazards on wind farms (at all phases of their lifecycle). Without pre-empting the outcomes of the earlier phases of the project, we foresee significant variation in the regulation of safety in the wind industry across the EU and EFTA states as well as numerous industry initiatives and existing good practices which could be adopted on a Europe-wide basis to improve safety standards and reduce market barriers.

It is essential that any recommendations for harmonisation or alignment at the European level are risk based and supported by robust evidence. Clear methodologies are therefore needed to sort and prioritise the candidate topics ensure that each is fully and critically analysed and assessed such that any proposed intervention maximises benefit and, where possible, reduces overall costs.

The full details of the methods are currently under development but will consist of three main phases:

Initial prioritisation of the outputs from the research and engagement phases (initial sort and filter)

Detailed assessment of the selected topics to produce a shortlist of approximately 15-30 topics of potential harmonisation

Indicative cost-benefit analysis/impact assessment for each proposed intervention