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Task 2

Mapping of standards and procedures

Task 2 concentrates on the identification of the health and safety standards and procedures as applied on site for offshore (floating and fixed foundation) and onshore wind power plants. Similar to task 1, the research covers all the life-cycle steps of the projects, except the manufacturing of wind plant components as well as their on-route transport to the project site. The on-site transportation is again covered. Thus, following steps are taken into consideration:


(on-site) transport






The geographical scope of the research comprises all EU28 Member States as well as the 3 EFTA-countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The research for this task relies much on interviews with experts, since the focus lays on the health and safety procedures currently carried out in the 31 research countries. Thanks to their experience on the field, the interviewed experts also allow the consortium to identify the procedural barriers as well as the best practices existing for each process step.

The research methodology for task 2 is visualised in detail in the graph below:


Development of a research methodology
Pilot research
Training of eclareon's country experts


Desktop research of technical documents and included procedural descriptions
Stakeholder interviews
Presentation in a repository


Investigation of challenges and barriers
Examination of interdependencies
Identification of best practices
Drafting of research results


Review of results through experienced team members
Second internal review of results through consortium partners
Feedback and review of results through external national experts

The results of task 2 shall be first presented to and discussed with stakeholders and experts during workshops (see task 3). Once their feedback has been gathered, the results will be finalised by Autumn 2019. The finalised input shall be used for tasks 4 and 5, focussing on the data analysis and the identification of harmonisation options.