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The Wind Harmony Project on behalf of the European Commission will analyse health and safety (H&S) regulations and related standards impacting wind energy (onshore & offshore) across the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway. It will also assess and prioritise their potential for harmonisation or alignment at European level.

Throughout the course of the project, the implementing consortium, consisting of eclareon, WindEurope and the Renewables Consulting Group (RCG), will produce 31 country reports on the current legislation, standards and procedures regarding health & safety for wind-power plants at on- and offshore sites and identify opportunities for harmonisation or alignment at European level, in order to reduce complexity, risk and cost, improve industry performance and lay the foundations for global wind industry standards.

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A broad stakeholder consultation and engagement process is part of this assessment. The purpose of these processes is to gather updated information about the situation in the Member States and targeted EFTA Countries, to understand the perspectives and concerns of the relevant stakeholders as well as to validate the information gathered.

Interim and final results of the project will be presented to and discussed with markets stakeholders in the framework of 4 project workshops, taking place in Brussel (October 2019), Copenhagen (November/December 2019), Poland (February/March 2020 - city tbc) and Ireland (May 2020 - city tbc). In addition, the central findings and project results will be disseminated in 3 best-practice sharing events as well as through training roadmaps.

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eclareon is leading the implementing consortium and is responsible for the mapping and the analysis of national health & safety legislation, standards and procedures, as well as for the training roadmaps and the best-practice sharing events. WindEurope accounts for the communication activities of the project as well as the stakeholder interaction. RCG is responsible for the development of the harmonisation and alignment methodology as well as its application to the identified field of actions.