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WindHarmony Project


Wind Harmony analyses health & safety regulations, standards and procedures & analyses their harmonisation potential at EU-level.

Task 1 – Mapping of legislation and guidelines

Legislation mapping along the life-cycle steps of onshore and offshore wind power plants in 31 countries .

Task 2 – Mapping of standards and procedures

Mapping of applied standards and procedures along the life-cycle steps of wind power plants in 31 countries.

Tasks 3 – stakeholder interaction & engagement task

This task defines a stakeholder engagement process for a well-balanced representation of wind industry, supply chain representatives, authorities, testing and certification bodies.

Tasks 4 - Methodologies for qualification, assessment and prioritization

Development of risk-based, evidence-led methods for detailed assessment of potential candidate topics and hazards.

Task 5 - Narrow down the potential candidate topics

Application of methods to produce a focused shortlist of harmonisation topics and recommended interventions .

Tasks 6 – Roadmaps for trainings & best practice sharing events

Dissemination of project results through 2 online training courses and 3 best practice sharing events.


Why is the harmonisation and alignment of health and safety regulations, standards and procedures across Europe important?


Statements of members of the Wind Harmony Steering Group



Generic news WindHarmony Project

February 12,2020

Stakeholder Consultation Survey now open

by Jan-Benjamin

Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference Centre

February 11,2020

Health & Safety for wind energy workshop in Paris

by Jan-Benjamin

Corona Virus news WindHarmony Project

March 6,2020

Paris workshop 13 March 2020: cancellation due to COVID-19 outbreak

by Johann Blain


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